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Everyone in IT knows Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years (sometimes 18 months). Named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who first noted the trend in 1965, Moore's Law is testament to the tremendous increase in processing power and the consequent changes in business and society we have seen over the last 47 (and counting) years. While Moore predicted the continuation of this trend "for at least 10 years," current estimates are that this rate of progress will continue to at least 2020. Until, of course, we have the first operational quantum computers, but that's another story. Processing and Data Go Hand in Hand With so much processing power at hand, what is it used for? While it's obvious that computers process raw data to produce information, how mu... (more)

Ten Things IT Needs to Know About Storage Automation

If you work in IT, chances are you know several critical realities facing today's data centers. You probably know that data is growing at a frantic pace and IT budgets are not. You probably know how many thousands of data storage requests get funneled through IT each year, and how much time that translates into for your limited staff. You probably know something has to change. You might not know what that should be. Today, there are 10 mission-critical data issues IT executives should be aware of, and they all revolve around changing the expectations for storage automation. IT n... (more)